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Pokemon Emerald Cloning Glitch

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Pokemon Emerald Cloning Glitch

Post  mrabsol on Fri 12 Mar - 8:00

Hi, I am the newest member and I know how to clone your Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. Admins please make this a sticky or something but okay if you don't.

1.Go to the PC in the battle tower.
2.Deposit the Pokemon you want to clone in any box in Lanette’s PC. Furthermore, if you wish to clone items, give the item(s) you’d like to clone to any Pokemon in the PC via the Move Items option.
3.Exit the PC and save the game.
4.Withdraw the Pokemon or item(s) from the PC that you initially stored in step two.
5.Talk to the lady behind the counter closest to the PC (The one furthest to the right).
6.She will ask if you want to make a challenge. Select yes and choose any two eligible Pokemon from your party.
7.She will tell you that you must save the game before making a challenge and ask you if that is OK. Select yes.
8.The game will freeze for approximately 2 seconds.
9.After, but not during, the freeze, turn off the game. It is not necessary to save again. Turning the game off during the pause may result in a permanent loss of game data.
10.Once you’ve turned the game back on, the cloned Pokemon and/or item(s) will be both in your party and in the PC.
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