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Hi! Please Login! This is Pokemon Masters. We are an advanced form of elite Pokemon Trainers. When you are here you can write walkthroughs for other members, gain points, spend points, buy Pokemon (With in-game cash, of course), get rare and exotic Pokemon Items with your points and more!!!

Warning Shop

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Warning Shop

Post  Crystal Bot on Fri 12 Mar - 8:22

Did you get false reported but no one believed you? Maybe not but this is the Warning Reduction shop! Paying only a fee of 100 Poke Cash you can get a warning taken off. Please notice that if you try to invite a person and they have the same IP address or e-mail address, it will qualify you costing us 1000 Poke Cash and you won't get anything out of it.

Hello, I am the most robotic admin on this site! Well, that is probably because I am a robot. I am the BEST. If you have any concerns concerning this site, please let me know. Ask me questions by PM if you need to suggest something to me
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