Pokemon Masters
Hi! Please Login! This is Pokemon Masters. We are an advanced form of elite Pokemon Trainers. When you are here you can write walkthroughs for other members, gain points, spend points, buy Pokemon (With in-game cash, of course), get rare and exotic Pokemon Items with your points and more!!!

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 1  pianoman19982012-04-20Fri 20 Apr - 14:360 Send private message   
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 4  Drako0092010-05-26Wed 26 May - 22:380 Send private message   
 5 avatar NoahrocksSo I herd you liek MUDKIPS?2010-03-08Mon 29 Mar - 14:555 Send private message  http://pokemonmasters.team-talk.net 
 6  Tjsg2010-03-14Sun 14 Mar - 14:131 Send private message   
 7 avatar Crystal Bot2010-03-10Sat 13 Mar - 10:194 Send private message   
 8 avatar mrabsolA man and his wife come downstairs. They argue about who should brew the coffee. His wife says,"You should do it because it's in the Bible." "Prove it" the man says. So she takes out the Bible and it said, "HEBREWS"2010-03-12Fri 12 Mar - 8:015 Send private message   
 9  test2010-03-10Wed 10 Mar - 23:310 Send private message   
 10  pokemon25412010-03-13Never0 Send private message   
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